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SSD storage hard drive in our Servers

SSD: The Secret Sauce Behind Our Lightning Fast Web Servers

When it comes to the web, speed is everything. If your page takes too long to load, visitors will just click the back button and go somewhere else. Waiting for your site to load content or process their payment can ruin your business. Here at DARWIN Servers we understand the importance of speed and that’s why we are industry leaders in ultra-fast web servers.

The Power of SSD

Page load speeds are basically the function of two different things, the speed of the Internet connection, and the processing power of the actual web server. We have the top of the line in terms of Internet connection speed. But, a lot of server farms can boast about their connection speeds. Where we really bury the competition is in our use of SSD web servers.
The common hard drive (HDD) is powered by the same technology used in the 1950’s and 1960’s. A spinning plate uses electromagnetism to store information. But, as with any mechanical process with complex moving parts these are subject to deterioration and there is a natural physical limit to how fast memory can be stored and accessed.

Solid-state drives (SSDs) are a much newer technology that is faster and more reliable than HDD because there are no moving parts. SSDs are basically a system of interconnected integrated circuits. They don’t even require power to retain data. A SSD is a more resilient and reliable form of the technology in a thumb drive. When you use a SSD your computer flies.

SSD and the Numbers


Our customers not only value speed, but they also need technology that’s reliable and works in their budgets. As part of our commitment to speed, reliability, and budget friendly service, we sell and rent SSDs. We want everyone to have the best web experience possible.

Just how fast are SSDs? A SSD is 12 times faster than a standard HDD. What could you do with a web server that’s 12 times faster? Once you pair our SSD web servers with our 2 Gbps connection speed you have all the ingredients you need for creating the ultimate web experience.

Our customers know that they don’t have to limit their creativity and the features of their website because of fears of load times. They have access to the some of the fastest web servers around. The only limit for our customers is their imaginations.

SSD web servers maybe the future for the industry, but at DARWIN Servers, SSD web servers are already here. When you are looking for a place to trust with your web hosting you can either choose a company who plans for the future, or you can use a company that brings the future to you.

Connect with us today and see how our lighting fast connection speeds and industry leading use of SSD web servers can improve your website load times and open up the possibilities for your business. Our prices will impress you, our service will convert you, and our speed will blow your mind.


Try now our webservers with SSD HD in Raid configuration !

From 3 to 6 Millions of visitors per month in 2 months


We push from 3 millions to 6 million of visitors per month one of our customers websites in just two months.
they choose powerful servers and web agency.
www.Dionidream.com ( an Italian online Magazine ) choose of Darwin servers and WebDesign

We completely redesign the desktop and mobile version of the website for any kind of OS and Mobile device.

WordPress web design and servers

WordPress for Your full custom Web Design

The first thing you should know about WordPress is that if you aren’t currently using this platform for your website you are way behind the curve. WordPress is free, open source software for creating websites and blogs. It is also the most frequently used platform for websites and blogs. WordPress not only has untold numbers of users, but it has tens of thousands of developers creating paid and free plugins that allow WordPress to do anything.

SEO and WordPress

Search engines love WordPress sites. Because the code is open source, search engines can quickly and easily index the sites. WordPress also makes it easy to change the metadata of the site. This means the site can give the search engine extra information to help match search queries. This gives WordPress sites a significant advantage over sites on many other platforms where users are locked out of the much of the code.

There is also a lot of third-party software, called plugins, which work to boost a WordPress site’s SEO. Many are free or extremely cheap. WordPress helps you attract more visitors and improves your search engine ranking through its smart design and variety of supported content and plugins.

web design under the snowLook and Feel of WordPress

While there are thousands of free WordPress themes or templates, WordPress is a web designer’s dream because it is easy to create beautiful and powerful sites for. Your site can look however you want it to. Professional designers constantly release amazing paid themes, and good designers create custom themes for specific client projects, making sure each site is unique.

WordPress sites are easy for users to navigate and WordPress based sites can be made completely responsive. They look great on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smart phones.

Functionality of WordPress

No matter what type of site you want there is a WordPress solution. There are plugins for ecommerce websites for sites selling physical and digital products, sites that sell services, sites that display portfolios, sites that embed videos and podcasts, and anything else you can imagine.

There are plugins to help manage email marketing and to mange forums. The platform is so big that any major web design development will be available on WordPress. If you somehow need something that doesn’t exist, there are thousands of skilled programmers ready to create your perfect WordPress plugin.

webdesign darwinThe Darwin Difference

Darwin knows all the ins and outs of WordPress, and its team of world-class web designers knows how to make a website look great, work well, and attract attention. Unlike some creative agencies, Darwin offers 100% customization of any WordPress software and graphical theme. Not only that, but you can also have your site hosted on Darwin’s own world-class server farm for lightning fast load times. No other company can offer the incredible combination of both award winning web design and market leading hosting at affordable prices.

If you’ve been waiting for the perfect solution before starting your web based business or upgrading your current site, you are not officially out of excuses.

Contact Darwin today and see how they can create the perfect site for you.

The Minions are Approaching

Minions are  Kevin

T he Minions are Approaching The highly anticipated prequel to the Despicable Me franchise, Minions, is coming to theaters this summer. This movie is an origin story for the lovable, loyal, and highly incompetent minions who stole the show in the first two movies. The main story has three minions, Kevin, Stuart, and Bob looking for a new master for them and their fellow minions to devote themselves to.

W hen this movie is described as an origin story, it couldn’t be more literal. The movie opens with the evolution of the minions from single celled organisms to the Hostess Twinkie shaped creatures they grow to be and shows them continually losing their masters in the most unfortunate ways.

kevin, bob, stuart, the minions.

Kevin, Bob and Stuart.

T he main action of the movie will focus on the 1960’s where the trio of Kevin, Stuart, and Bob cross paths with the world’s first female super villain, Scarlet Overkill. The trio travels between New York and London. But, as things often get with minions, the situation quickly becomes a series of complicated disasters and Kevin, Stuart, and Bob must act quickly to keep all of their fellow minions, who are anxiously awaiting their return in Antarctica, from getting wiped out. Steve Carell, who voiced Gru in the first tow movies in the series, will not be in the prequel. However, Sandra Bullock will be voicing Scarlet Overkill and other actors such as Michael Keaton, Alison Janney, and Jon Hamm will also be providing voices for the new movie. While Minions was originally scheduled to be released during Christmas 2014, it was pushed back to this summer because of concern about the number of family films released over Christmas.

Minion official trailer 

I nstead Minions will be released between Independence Day 2 and Superman Vs. Batman, allowing it the best chance of box office success. While the minions were a vital part of the first two Despicable Me movies, they were clearly in supporting roles. The characters speak in their own gibberish sounding language that occasionally has intelligible words like “banana” or “gelato”.

T he challenge for this movie will be how to allow the minions to step out as leads of a movie with their limited language. Judging from the most recently released trailer, the creators have decided to double down on the slapstick antics of the minions and just let the minions tell the story in their own sweet, well-meaning, and bumbling way. Letting the minions be themselves is good news for fans of the creatures and moviegoers.

Universal Animation is looking for another huge box-office win after the first two movies in this series have done so well both in the U.S. and internationally. They are taking a bit of a risk in letting Steve Carrel leave the franchise and focusing instead on the minions, who by definition were part of the background. Big studios are generally taking fewer risks and making less interesting movies over the past several years.

All post production video by DARWIN.it

Even though this film is technically part of a franchise, Universal should be applauded for taking things in a new direction and turning their storytellers loose. Minions promises to be one of the highlights of the summer movie season for adults and children alike.

the Minion language 

the minion language


The dating App

Coffee Meets Bagel, the dating service that focuses on quality over quantity, has today announced the close of a $7.8 million Series A financing round led by existing investor DCM Ventures. Quest Ventures and Azure Capital also participated in the round.

Launched in 2012, Coffee Meets Bagel aims to find one quality match for their users every day by using friend-of-a-friend connections on Facebook. IF both parties like their match, Coffee Meets Bagel gives the budding couple a discount on a first date activity, like grabbing a coffee or a drink.

Users have 24 hours to respond to a match before it expires and a new day brings about a new potential love interest.

Coffee Meets Bagel is an impressive little app.

dating app designCoffee Meets Bagel is different from most dating apps in that it offers some level of accountability. Potential matches are scraped from real-life connections on Facebook, which ensures that everyone is on their best behavior. Plus, one match ever 24 hours means that attention isn’t divided among multiple matches at once.

The financing will be used to hire more developers and engineers to continue building out the product.

Earlier this year, Coffee Meets Bagel finally launched an Android version of the app, opening up the service to far more potential users.

Game server

All You Ever Wanted to Know About Game Servers.

A game server is a computer online that hosts multiplayer games, 24h a day, 356 days/year, always on. But, not all game servers are created equal. Some game server providers talk a good game, but instead offer poor speeds, spotty service, and have frequent unexplained downtimes. A solid game server connects gamers from across the world and provides fast, reliable connections. Game servers can be anywhere from a high-tech data center to a closet in a bedroom somewhere. Here are some things to look for in a game server.

What Kind of Game Server Are You Dealing With?

A game server can refer to a few different things. It can be a computer that hosts the games on its hardware, the program that the computer runs on, or a peer-to-peer system that hosts mail, messages, and files that support a game. For most games you want a dedicated server that’s only job is to host games. Some servers host more than one game. As with all cloud computing functions, the more a server is tasked with doing, the less efficiently it will do all of the tasks.

Darwin Servers is one of the most reliable game server providers in Europe. They never overload their servers. Instead, they are dedicated to providing a superior connection experience for all users. If you choose Darwin to host your game server, you won’t have to worry about downtime, bandwidth problems, or poor connection speeds.

Bandwidth Issues

While there are many cheap software options available to let anyone create a game server out of their home, this strategy provides poor game performance and is usually frustrating for users. Most ISP’s have some form of residential bandwidth restrictions. This means that if your game server is hosting more than four to six players, the ISP will slow the Internet connection down between the server and the client computers. This can cause gamers to lose a connection, keep gamers from logging on, and creating a slow game environment.

DARWIN Servers is a reasonably priced, professional cloud storage solution. Instead of operating out of a bedroom somewhere, or in a country with spotty Internet connectivity, Darwin has state of the art facilities. We offer game servers house in a fully staffed, professional server environment.

Why Choose Darwin for Your Game Server Hosting

Darwin is passionate about one thing, servers. It’s all we do. We are a cloud computing company whose mission is to make the Internet fun again. Nobody likes dealing with lag, getting cut off, or other issues. We provide the ultimate game server experience for client computers.

When you place your game server on our machines you are getting state of the art computing power and industry leading customer service. Darwin also offers game server plans for any budget. Because Darwin is always ready to scale, no matter how big a game server you need, Darwin will always be ready to host for you.

If you are serious about your game server, let us show you what we kind of difference DARWIN Servers can make.

For more info please visit our DARWIN Servers website here: DARWIN SERVERS

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Apple Watch the ultimate health-tracker

In the months leading up to the launch of Apple Watch, talk has largely revolved around the watch’s style and specs like battery life. But Apple’s wearable might actually be a game-changer now that the Food and Drug Administration is giving health app developers more freedom.

Medical device maker DexCom is readying an Apple Watch app to pair with its diabetes glucose monitor to help diabetics monitor their blood-sugar levels all day long. According to the Wall StreetJournal, DexCom will display data it pulls from a sensor beneath the skin as a graph on the Apple Watch face.

apple watch medical apps.We can expect to see more health-tracking apps for iPhone and Apple Watch since the FDA decided to loosen its restrictions on software late last year. Medical device manufacturers still need approval from the agency for their products, but health-monitoring app developers only need to register with the FDA, not obtain permission.

The new rules for health apps will make it easier for developers to take advantage of Apple Watch’s wrist real estate and deliver useful notifications. More than half of America’s top hospitals are pilot testing Apple’s HealthKit, a centralized database for medical devices and health apps to plug into, for remote health-monitoring programs. Apple Watch could play a useful role in those programs by letting patients easily glance at their data and receive notifications from their doctors if a measurement sets off alarms.

Apple hasn’t yet approved any Apple Watch apps, but developers are following WatchKit guidelines to create reasons you would want to buy a smartwatch. Apps to track your medical conditions are one of the more compelling use cases for Apple Watch.

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