What is WordPress Hosting ?

What is WordPress Hosting ?

As explained in our previous article, web hosting is the act of renting an online space in which to store your website files, so that they can be accessed from all over the world upon typing in a specific domain name in to a browser. In the early days of the internet, web developers spent long periods of time, learning different programming languages, as this was the only way through which websites could be built. However, the increase demand for websites and blogs in the late 20th and early 21st centuries caused technological companies to begin thinking of more innovative and easy ways of building a website. This resulted in the development of several Content Management Systems (CMS), the most prominent of which is WordPress.

What then is WordPress Hosting?

wordpress logo smallWordPress hosting is the act of renting an online space in which to store the files of a website/blog built with the WordPress CMS. Just like other hosting options, WordPress hosting also comes with a variety possibilities: free hosting, shared hosting and dedicated WordPress hosting. We will now explain each of these WordPress hosting options in details.

Free WordPress Hosting

Why in the world will WordPress Hosting be free? To answer this question, we will have to begin from what WordPress is. WordPress is an open source website building technology. This implies that people from all over the world can access and modify it to suit to their specific website design needs. In line with this open source mentality, and in a bid to give more people a foretaste of the platform (in the hope that they will subsequently upgrade to a paid option), WordPress.com gives users the option to build blogs on the platform and host them for free. But there is a catch.

Domain name limitation: When you build and host a website on a wordpress.com, the domain name of the site will have to end with wordpress.com. For example, if you wish for your domain name to be darwin.it, this will be impossible under the free WordPress hosting option. It will have to be darwin.it.wordpress.com, which could be really annoying because most people hate typing in long domain names.
But it is not all bad news. Hosting a website for free on wordpress.com does come with some advantages. To begin with, it gives you access to an extensive library of free website themes and plugins to help you customize your site. Hosting for free on wordpress.com also means you will have unrestricted access to their customer service. Finally, it is a less expensive way through which to have an understanding of how the WordPress CMS works. If you love what you have built under the free hosting, and will like to make it unique, there is always the option to upgrade to paid hosting plan. Once you do this, it will then be possible to take away that annoying wordpress.com extension from your domain name.

Shared WordPress Hosting

Shared WordPress hosting is one of the most common ways through which WordPress websites are hosted. Using this method, you will have to begin by purchasing a domain name from one of the numerous online websites selling them. Next, you will then have to buy some hosting space from an online webhosting solution provider. This stage is important, because you often than not will have a couple of options to chose from (different bandwidths, server space, number of website visitors, etc.). Make sure to chose a plan that is most appropriate for you. Using your hosting login information, sign in to your hosting dashboard and install WordPress CMS. All you have to do now is build your website using the CMS.

Using shared WordPress hosting has a couple of drawbacks.

1. Your website will be hosted on the same server as other websites, which could have a negative impact on your website’s speed.
2. If one of the websites on your shared server has a problem, it could potential affect all the other sites hosted on the server.
3. You will have to manually install any WordPress updates, as well as manually backup your website at regular intervals.

Dedicated WordPress Hosting

As can be derived from its name, this refers to storing the files of your WordPress website on a server that is custom made to use only WordPress websites. Furthermore, each dedicated server is meant to host only the website files of a particular person or institution, which implies that there is no sharing of space with other websites. This is our specialty at https://servers.darwin.it. We build custom made dedicated WordPress servers, that are optimized to meet the specific needs of our clients. Our dedicated servers can either be rented from one of secured server farms in Europe and America. or can be bought to be used at the client’s premises.

Advantages of dedicated WordPress hosting:

1. High server speed due to low congestion of website requests
2. Automatic installation of WordPress upgrades
3. Automatic Website backup
4. State of the art server security

Who is a Webmaster ?

At DARWIN.IT, we define a webmaster as a person or company,

that is passion driven, with a vast experience in managing websites from the conception stage, through the design, realization, and post-realization stages, with the aim of meeting client satisfaction through the establishment of a stable and competitive online presence.
Summarily, webmasters have the technical skills to manage site contents and servers, as well as to code programs for the optimization of onsite user experience. This is exactly what DARWIN.IT represents in the online landscape;

we are the oldest WebAgency in Italy

Webmaster Experience

we love web design

As far as experience goes, there are very few companies that can stand toe to toe with our years of experience as a web agency. Established since 1995, we have over 23 years of experience as a 100% uptime web design and server company. Our accolades and distinctions include being the #n.1 fastest dedicated servers in Europe of all time.

Passion Driven Webmasters

dedicated server control panel

What says passion like 22 years of continuous not interruptive service to over a thousand satisfied clients? As a leading web agency in Europe (Italy) and America (New York), we offer services in all the major areas of all things web. Our range of services include: website design, website building/development, web administrator services, provision of dedicated servers (Linux, Windows and Mail server hosting), cloud servers hosting and server farm infrastructure. Our commitment as a web agency is evident in our diverse team, drawn from different areas of the globe, to ensure that we meet the exact needs of our increasingly diverse client base.

What do we do as webmasters?

Whether you had your website developed by us or by a third party, we provide the following services as webmasters to ensure that your website has a competitive edge in the industry:

Domain Name

5 mins ttl on darwin dns server

This is the first aspect that distinguishes a website that is bound for greatness from the others. Choosing the right domain name will ensure that users easily have access to your website, and that the site ranks well in all major search engines. At DARWIN.IT, we have the right team and tools, drawn from our wide experience to ensure that we chose the perfect domain name for your website. The domain names we chose are typically easy to retain and spell, and contain keywords for website optimization, taking in to consideration the latitude for growth and evolution.

Website Hosting / Server Maintenance / SysAdmins

darwin dedicated serversWeb Hosting refers to making a designed and developed website available to the rest of the world, once its given domain name is typed in to a browser’s URL search bar. As far as hosting goes, server uptime is of critical importance: servers are special computers on which websites are stored to ensure world wide access. Our dedicated teams on our 6 server farms in Europe and America are there to ensure that your website enjoy 100% uptime, making it available to the world at all times. We also provide constant site backup and archiving, so that no information is ever lost.
Take a look to our dedicated servers Website: https://servers.darwin.it/

Site Testing and Update (Troubleshooting)

Come nasce un sito web

The only thing better than having one person testing your site is having an entire team dedicated to website testing. Our established process of thorough website testing and website maintenance team, knowledgeable in all major programming languages – Java, PHP, HTML, JavaScript, C, C+. etc; are there to make certain that all bugs and coding issues within your site are discovered and attended to immediately, so that visitors to the site will have a pleasant experience, which also goes to increase their overall page dwell time, leading to a high user conversion rate.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

servizi di SEO

Search Engine Optimization is amongst the primary needs of website owners in the 21st century. The online landscape is literally littered with tones of websites offering competing services. The issue however is that there aren’t so many experts and web agencies in the field with the right tools to give your website a powerful nudge up the ranks of major search engines such as Google and Bing. With our understanding of Google analytics and the evolution of site ranking mechanisms, darwin.it as a webmaster has the right corporate optimization tools and protocols to give your website a high rank across all major search engines. This will allow you to reach a wider audience, thereby having a larger impact than competitors in the same field. Take a look about SEO services here

Customer Service

The development and growth of a website comes with a huge influx of mails and request from users. Managing these mails in a professional manner could often than not mean the difference growth and stagnation. Our webmaster offering includes a team of professional customer service experts with the skills to archive and reply to all customer requests in a marketing oriented fashion, thereby providing satisfaction to site users and increase conversion to the site owner in a mutually beneficial relationship which is growth inclined.

Kendra 01 – WorkStation – Extreme Gaming Computer

After 20 years in building Servers, Game Servers, SuperServers, and Data Centers [https://servers.darwin.it/] we are now happy to announce our new WorkStations for Professionals or Extreme Video Gamers.

Kendra 01

is suitable for any Heavy Applications like 3D modeling, Rendering, Audio and Video Post productions and also for Extreme Video Gamers.

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New Workstation Kendra – from DARWIN Servers

We are happy to introduce our new WorkStation


Rent a powerful workstation in a monthly basis.

After 20 years in building servers, we now introduce Kendra; a powerful workstation that you can rent on monthly basis. Full Admin control via Internet.
We tested this machine and all components, also the OS for 4 months and we have No problems, No crash, Always Up and running 24h

Useful for rendering, post production, heavy applications.


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Creative Agency | Server farms | Music distributions

Since 1995,

we are the third company in Italy, based in Perugia, to open working 100% exclusively on the Internet, while all they never imagined even what it was, many thought a species of new videogame.

We started with the Web Design, the only editor to provide video layout was the Txt Notepad…; we arrived to desing videogames on commission. And we continue still today: go to WebSiteDesign.it

not finding any provider quite fast and customizable to accommodate websites that we designed on the web, we have opened, three years after ( 1998 ), a division that builds server tailored for large and small companies, for all tastes, for any capacity of computing calculation, reaching up to the server farm.

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Game server Hosting

Game Server Hosting – What Made Gaming Servers Grow and What Makes Them Significant

Have you ever wondered what is behind the game servers you play on and how they actually work? For this you need to know how game server hosting came about and what it took to get the online gaming portal running.

History of Game Server Hosting

Dedicated game server hosting is where it all started for online gaming as back when the first online gamers started out the only way to play a game was over the Web by hosting their games on their own systems.

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With the advent of the Web epoch, people have availed literally infinite possibilities. This concerns everything we do, be it job advancement, education, entertaining, shopping, relationships and even communication. Whatever you intend to do, the World Wide Web is at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

One of the modern online techniques that have truly revolutionized the world we live in is the live video and audio streaming. This amazing option has made it possible to easily broadcast any activities through the smart phones, web cameras and other device in order to reach the people you need either for personal or business purposes.

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Testing The Broadband Speed – Find Out If Your Connection Is As Fast As It Should Be

If you are not sure that the Internet speed that your connection is attaining is the same as what your Internet server provider states that you should be getting, and then a ping speed test may be required. The test or speed is carried out by sending as well as receiving packets of data to and from the Web servers around the world. In order to carry out a ping speed test, you must either use program that is specifically designed for this purpose or access one of the several Internet websites that help test your connection for you through publically Web connected servers’ worldwide. Below are some important guidelines that describe to accurately test your data transfer speed:

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The Amazing Benefits Of Dedicated Servers

The Amazing Benefits Of Dedicated Servers And How It Helps Boost Your Business Performance Online

Websites require a robust hosting server to make it go live over the World Wide Web. A hosting service utilizes a server to achieve this objective. But there are different types of servers that vary from the clustered to the dedicated and shared, so how would you know which one of them is the best for you. A dedicated server is what mostly web masters prefer to use it perhaps be slightly expensive when compared to shared hosting but there are several different benefits to using it.

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Eightball Records, Handmade web design and web servers.

Hand made web design and web server for one of the biggest name in music industry, Eightball Records based in New York City.

Very famous for huge amount of dance music hits from the biggest artists and djs, like Junior Vasquez, Rober Aaron, Mood II Swing, Mauro Picotto, Angel Moraes, Tedd Patterson, Debbie Harry and a never ending list.

Eightball Official Website

The label was established in 1990 by Alex Kaplan then a videomaker & DJ Smash (Whine Hunter) with A&R head Kevin Williams, a veteran of the New York club scene.

The label is equally famous for its t-shirts and merchandising , its logo still being among the most popular in the UK.

Eightball also has The Empire State records , deep house subsidiary label and had its own record store in New York’s East Village.

Eightball Records was a vinyl store that started in the early 90’s. Soon it launched the label that quickly generated a lot of buzz around their releases from the likes of Joi Cardwell & Mood II Swing, pioneering the classic New York garage sound.

All about Eightball Records here

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