December 27, 2016

Records cover design

How can a great Record Cover Design build up your reputation?

greta records, internet of music, records cover design.Music Industry is one of the most loved industries by the masses and no matter what a person is doing, he will listen to music of any sort. Music touches the lives of peopled and that is why there are new artists every day trying to launch their talent among the masses so that they can be famous for their passion for music. For this reason the cover design for your music album is very important and here is how it builds your reputation:

The overall graphics used:

greta records, internet of music, records cover design.The graphics mean the quality of colors or presentation that is used to depict the message of your band or album. You might want to get it designed professionally so that people get attracted towards it and it is not offensive to anybody. Such as a nude poster will not get much attention for a long time and is offensive to others. While if you sing solo or as a band and all your songs have some meaning to create awareness among people then it needs a beautiful cover immediately reflecting the message of your songs or music.

You might want to do a photoshoot and then ask a professional company such as the ones who have designed covers for; to include your poster with brilliant graphics to get noticed among the otherwise busy public.

The font for title and description:

greta records, internet of music, records cover design.When you look at an album cover, you look at what is says and the words written on it should be attractive enough to make people just catch your cd and pay to the shopkeeper to try at home as the description was attractive enough for them. For this the font used is very important as the names of your or the singers in your band are not that important but the title of the album should be prominent and eye catching and this can be done if you get the company famous for designing covers of popular music brand names; to design your music cover.

Building up your presence in the market!

greta records, internet of music, records cover design.For people who are just new to the music industry, it is essential  that their music cover is designed keeping in view the modern trends and history of record cover designs since this can build your reputation in the market or break it completely if not designed by expert companies.

Some Design we have realised :

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