September 3, 2016

Game server Hosting

Game Server Hosting – What Made Gaming Servers Grow and What Makes Them Significant

Have you ever wondered what is behind the game servers you play on and how they actually work? For this you need to know how game server hosting came about and what it took to get the online gaming portal running.

History of Game Server Hosting

Dedicated game server hosting is where it all started for online gaming as back when the first online gamers started out the only way to play a game was over the Web by hosting their games on their own systems.

All a gamer had to do was to purchase their game and then create a server which could be hosted and played using their home computer, and this was often done simultaneously on the home PCs running under a dedicated server program which is very much similar to the day dedicated server option.

Due to low specs and speed of home computers back in these times the gamer system would often be put under enormous stress and would just offer gamers’ a low dismal server performance along with game play.

Even when the Internet providers offered a robust connect such as faster broadband and more bandwidth to aid them keep up with the server load, the data that required to be computed was still too much for most of the systems to handle themselves. Back in the early times of online gaming home computers just did not have the power to process such robust and detailed data required for high end online gaming and dedicated web hosting side-by-side.

Factors like network data sorting, game physics, distribution and 3D graphics that was required to be sent to each player connecting to the game server just could not be done in the high standards required for an amazing online gaming experience.

Dedicated Gaming Servers – Why They Have Been A Better Option To Consider

dedicated server control panelThe dedicated server is what used on the serves; this application was particularly designed for hosting purposes for gamers. This works by collecting and distributing data from each player that is connected to the server, this would then be sent on to all the players on the game serve showing all players with the same images.

The stand along dedicated server is a complete machine which is used just to host a game server and is not played on by anyone. An exclusive dedicated server is much more effective and an efficient solution than using a peer-to-peer arrangement like home dedicated server which you would host to play a game on your own PC.

Unlike other gamers, a server host will know every single aspect of the game server inners like how it works and run including both the servers’ software within and its operating system and the hardware which is powering the machine.

Growth of Game Server Hosting – The Trend Is Still On The Rise

darwin servers intro videoSince the growth of online gaming, gamers started looking for better and robust solutions to their server dilemmas, and this was primarily due to the LAN events, gaming teams and leagues that started to form, these online gamers consisted of players globally.

More reliable and faster and robust hosting solutions such as game server Europe were looked for to give the players more power and a smoother game play online. The game hosting servers provide the players actual performance with low ping in tens of milliseconds rather than the hundreds or even thousands that personal computers offered. This was a big need considering the size of the online gaming servers could be run at. Now, the number of online players that can join one gaming server has gone more than 40, 50 or even more, and the number is still growing and will most likely continue to for years to come.

Dedicated Game Hosting Server Solutions

Using professional game hosting server was the obvious solution. Such servers are specifically designed for reading the data and then transmitting huge amounts of it faster for the players to enjoy uninterrupted gaming experience as they play. Game hosting server companies have purchases rack servers that have been co-located in data centers globally to host online games one. The prices of this kind of luxury used to be quite high to start off 300 to 800 USD a month, often times even more depending on the server specifications. Prices dropped dramatically due to the huge success in the multiplayer online gaming, which increased to 1000 folds within the last few years.

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