Kendra 01 – WorkStation – Extreme Gaming Computer

After 20 years in building Servers, Game Servers, SuperServers, and Data Centers [] we are now happy to announce our new WorkStations for Professionals or Extreme Video Gamers.

Kendra 01

is suitable for any Heavy Applications like 3D modeling, Rendering, Audio and Video Post productions and also for Extreme Video Gamers.

kendra extrema gaming pcAll our WorkStation are handmade, we maximum care.

All components ( also cables ) are the best on the market world wide carefully selected.

During the building and testing process, we will publish online the GeekBench test results with all the infos regarding your workstation that is coming to you…!

“The Silent is gold”: all Kendra are completely ” No Fan Noise “, because we hate fan noise during working or playing video games. ” We really like Music instead ” 🙂

Every single component is tested manually with software and hardware tools for 20 days minimum.

After this testing period we can give you 5 years warranty in every single component.

We ship worldwide in 48 hours max with insurance and tracking code, in a special handmade shipment box made of wood and antivibrant (against impacts/hits); in order to prevent damages during the shipment worldwide.

You can also ask for a technicians that will ship and set up Kendra directly to your home or office worldwide; including LAN and firewalling configurations.
Our WorkStation department at DARWIN.IT can build only 5 (five) Kendra workstation per year, because we want to give you the fast, stable and unstoppable machine possible.

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Records cover design

How can a great Record Cover Design build up your reputation?

greta records, internet of music, records cover design.Music Industry is one of the most loved industries by the masses and no matter what a person is doing, he will listen to music of any sort. Music touches the lives of peopled and that is why there are new artists every day trying to launch their talent among the masses so that they can be famous for their passion for music. For this reason the cover design for your music album is very important and here is how it builds your reputation:

The overall graphics used:

greta records, internet of music, records cover design.The graphics mean the quality of colors or presentation that is used to depict the message of your band or album. You might want to get it designed professionally so that people get attracted towards it and it is not offensive to anybody. Such as a nude poster will not get much attention for a long time and is offensive to others. While if you sing solo or as a band and all your songs have some meaning to create awareness among people then it needs a beautiful cover immediately reflecting the message of your songs or music.

You might want to do a photoshoot and then ask a professional company such as the ones who have designed covers for; to include your poster with brilliant graphics to get noticed among the otherwise busy public.

The font for title and description:

greta records, internet of music, records cover design.When you look at an album cover, you look at what is says and the words written on it should be attractive enough to make people just catch your cd and pay to the shopkeeper to try at home as the description was attractive enough for them. For this the font used is very important as the names of your or the singers in your band are not that important but the title of the album should be prominent and eye catching and this can be done if you get the company famous for designing covers of popular music brand names; to design your music cover.

Building up your presence in the market!

greta records, internet of music, records cover design.For people who are just new to the music industry, it is essential  that their music cover is designed keeping in view the modern trends and history of record cover designs since this can build your reputation in the market or break it completely if not designed by expert companies.

Some Design we have realised :

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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New Workstation Kendra – from DARWIN Servers

We are happy to introduce our new WorkStation


Rent a powerful workstation in a monthly basis.

After 20 years in building servers, we now introduce Kendra; a powerful workstation that you can rent on monthly basis. Full Admin control via Internet.
We tested this machine and all components, also the OS for 4 months and we have No problems, No crash, Always Up and running 24h

Useful for rendering, post production, heavy applications.

Main specifications:

kendra-msi8 CPUs: 8 Cores > AMD FX-8350 Box Processor 4GHz, Socket AM3 +, 16MB di cache, 125 Watt
RAM: 16 Gb Fury X @ 1866 MHz 8 ( upgradable Up to 32Gb )
Mother Board: MSI Mod SoAM3+ 970 7693-040R
LAN: Killer Elite high speed / very low latency
Video: AMD ATI RADEON > Sapphire R7 240 4GB DDR3
Hard-Disk: Solid State Drive from SAMSUNG 850 EVO ( 256 Gb )

Daily Back-Up included on External NAS
Geographical Back-Up to another server farm ( optional )

Connected to: 2Gbps clustered connection speed in optical fiber ( 1 Gbps down / 1Gbps up reserved )

Suggested Operating System: Apple Mac OS – Linux – Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit

This basic configuration can be upgradable:

  • kendra-white-redUp to 20 TeraByte of Hard Disk space
  • Up to 32Gb of RAM @ 1866 MHz
  • RAID configuration available on demand
  • virtualization with VMWare or Hyper-V
  • the motherboard can reach up to 6Gbps on 6 channels SATA III simultaneously.
  • the SSD ( in Raid config ) can reach Up to 2 TeraByte / per second
  • the Video Card can be changed with any other model you prefer ( compatible with the Mother Board )

Price / rent for basic configuration: 99€/month
Price if you want to buy ( without shipment ): 1.100 €
No TaX if you live outside Europe.


GeekBench results online for this machine – Clic HERE

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Perugia: art, culture and web design

Perugia, City of Art, among the most beautiful and important in Italy.

Powerful Etruscan center and then important medieval town, Perugia lovingly preserves precious traces of its bright historical periods. Today it is the administrative capital of the Umbria region, remarcable cultural and tourist destination and prestigious headquarters of the University of Studies for over 700 years. The historic Academy of Fine Arts, the Music Conservatory and the University for Foreigners, with students from all over the world, define its strong international vocation.

Bright and culturally and socially vibrant, Perugia is a city full of “secrets” to reveal: the suggestion is to explore it with curiosity to fully enjoy the excitement and the charm of discovery.

Visiting Perugia means living a unique multisensory experience : public and private museums, arts and crafts workshops, cuisine delicacies that is well worth a refreshing break admiring the awesome views of the Umbrian valley and fully enjoying the peculiarities of a livable and on human scale city.

il peruginoPerugino ( Pietro Vannucci ), Pinturicchio and Raphael the contemporaneity of Burri and Beuys will bring you between the Umbria Jazz notes, the Sagra Musicale Umbra, a rich theater season set in the jewels of the city: from the Morlacchi Theatre, the eighteenth-century Teatro del Pavone, small experimental theaters and even in the open squares, continuing to the ancient villages and in many libraries, for happy meeting and debate occasions.

The openness and the dialogue between different cultures and religions prove the civil habit of the society: but Perugia doesn’t stop to surprise, because it also knows how to play, with chocolate as with the imaginary.

Secluded, and for that authentic, Perugia will be for tourists, students and visitors an exciting experience in all seasons of the year, a smiling and intelligent insight into the history and topicality of this city of art that offers an image of a better Italy.



Umbria Jazz (abbreviated UJ) is the most important Italian jazz music festival founded in 1973, which takes place annually in Perugia, in July. Since 2003, the concerts are held in the arena of Santa Giuliana, with names such as Ornette Coleman, Van Morrison, Bobby McFerrin, the Earth, Wind & Fire, James Brown and Manhattan Transfer.


The International Journalism Festival is one of the most important cultural events that the city of Perugia has to offer and, most of all, is especially unique in its genre. The festival in fact does not have a specific location but is literally spread throughout the city so that in those days comes alive with a cultural upheaval that enhances the international dimension.


Eurochocolate, the sweetest festival in town, was born in 1994 from the mind of Eugenio Guarducci and today is considered one of the most important events dedicated to chocolate in the world.
Guarducci, Perugian architect, was inspired during a trip to ‘Oktoberfest in Monaco. Visiting the German event in the ’80s, he thought of creating something in his native city which had the same spirit of the famous festival dedicated to beer.
Back in Perugia Guarducci decided to replace the beer with a real excellence of his homeland: chocolate.


Web Development in Perugia with Darwin: the best team ever <<
DARWIN.IT starts to work on whole internet in 1995: from computer Graphics to Photos, Web design, Advertising SEO services, and SERVER FARM; We were the 3rd company in Italy working only on Internet.

Passion leads to design, design leads to performance, performance leads to success!

A lot of guys: One Mission

web design agency darwinDarwin’s team believes in the power of creativity, competence, high thinking mixed with performance and most of all in collaboration. This creative agency, located in New York and Perugia, is award-winning and provides comprehensive solutions for all needs on the web. They are also specialized in building custom dedicated servers, and can easily connect your server farm infrastructures. You can visit them here:
Darwin works on web design taking care about the responsive layout (40% of visitors are nowadays from mobile devices), the creative design (focusing on high impact images, audio and videos or any dinamic content), localization (choose any language and they’ll translate for you) ans secure (using premium software and auto-updates for your server security)



Creative Agency | Server farms | Music distributions

Since 1995,

we are the third company in Italy, based in Perugia, to open working 100% exclusively on the Internet, while all they never imagined even what it was, many thought a species of new videogame.

We started with the Web Design, the only editor to provide video layout was the Txt NotepadÂ…; we arrived to desing videogames on commission. And we continue still today: go to

not finding any provider quite fast and customizable to accommodate websites that we designed on the web, we have opened, three years after ( 1998 ), a division that builds server tailored for large and small companies, for all tastes, for any capacity of computing calculation, reaching up to the server farm.

Our foreign suppliers ( SuperMicro, IBM, HP, Silicon Graphics, Cisco systems, Dell, MacroMedia, Adobe, Apple ) have put their trust in us sinceÂ’ the beginning; we have seen very motivated in a sector that was not known in our territory.

In 1998 we have built in Italy the server farm with more up-time that has ever existed. To date, only 24 hours of downtime, due to the maintenance and update technologies.

Today we arrived to get online a server, or server systems, starting from zero, completely custom, with the hardware features and with any operating system, within 60 minutesÂ… 1 hour with the great advantage of modifying theÂ’hardware, or its geographical position, in real time, from the comfort of your computer or mobile device connected to the internet, without even getting up from your desk, or from your armchair, without even call us on the phone.

Currently we have the most powerful and fast internet connection in Europe, divided into 5 nations.

We pass the 82 Gbps only in Italy, with an average Ping that goes from 1 millisecond to a maximum of 10 millisecon to reach external networks.

SEO Services

What to look for when hiring the professional SEO services?

If you are about to create a website or a blog, and you are looking for targeted traffic, then you should know that there are few techniques that you need to find out about so you can promote your website. If you have no idea of the SEO that will help you promote your content, and you have no idea of the branding and how it can help you in the best way possible, then you need to find the best solution in the shape of a good professional.

If you are hiring an expert and you want to promote your blog, then you will have to go through the details, and you will have to pick the best professional SEO services. However, if you have not hired anyone before, then you should look for the things that we are about to share with you so you can come up with the better decision when hiring SEO services for your website.

Always hire experienced people

web design agency darwinWhen you are hiring SEO specialist or SEO services for your website, then you need to look for the most experienced services on your website. When you are searching for the SEO specialist, then you need to find an expert that has a great experience and a great portfolio. You don’t want to waste money on the services that won’t provide you any benefits. If you want to get the best results, then you will have to find good SEO services for your blog. Always hire people who will provide you white hat SEO services. You should look for the guaranteed services, and there should be no spam.

There are different SEO services that will provide you spam services, and you will end up in getting penalties. So, you need to stay away from such services, and you should always consider hiring experienced and white hat SEO services.

They should be perfect on all levels

When it comes to the selection of the best SEO services then you should know that there are lots of important things that you will have to consider and most importantly, the SEO services should have command on all levels. They should be really good at On-page and Off-page optimization, and they should have all the up to date knowledge about the SEO techniques. When you are searching for the SEO services that will take you to the top position in Google, Bing or Yahoo search engine then you also need to learn few SEO basics.

If you are aware of the basics, then you will be able to make things better for yourself, and you will be able to decide which company you want to hire. These are the things that you will have to keep in mind when you are searching for the best products.

They should have a great customer feedback

seo services, white hat seo, darwin.You need to check their reputation. If the SEO Company you are about to hire has a great reputation and good customer feedback then you can certainly consider hiring them. If they don’t have a good customer feedback, and there has not been much success, then you should look for some other companies. Their reputation is all that will help you to make the final decision. If their track record is not successful and you are finding some bad reviews about their services, then you should avoid hiring them, and you should look for the services that have shown some extraordinary results.

These are the things that you will have to keep in mind to get the best results when hiring SEO experts to get your website at the top of search engine pages.

Choose the SEO services that provide guarantee rankings

You don’t have to waste money on something that will not provide you good services. First of all, you need to find an SEO service that will provide you the guaranteed rankings. Also, you need to ask their method that they are going to use to promote your website. If they are providing you the guarantee for the number ranking in the search engine results, then you should consider trying their services.

They should have excellent communication skills

When it comes to the communication, then you should know that it is key to every solution. If you are unable to communicate properly with the SEO service you are hiring, then you won’t be able to achieve the desired results. More importantly, they should provide you guaranteed rankings and results in every language.

If you are finding such an SEO service, that possess all these qualities; then you should consider hiring them for the job so you can achieve the success you by working with the best SEO experts in the world.

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Why should new website users spend money on top notch SEO services?

If you have recently started a new website, then you there must have been so many things on your mind that you would love to do. You will have to select the perfect design for your website, and you will have to add all the sections that you want to display. However, there are few things that you should always focus on, and most of the newbies forget to play attention to the promotion of their website. If you have built a new website and you want to rank well on all search engines, then you should know that there are few things that you will have to keep in mind right from the start, and you should always focus on the things that will help you build a perfect website.

If you are focusing on providing some specific services, then you should know that you will have to work on your branding first and you will have to select the best tools to promote your brand properly. Here is why you should always spend your money on the high-quality SEO services and why you should choose the top SEO services for your website.

Without visitors you are nothing

First of all, you need to understand that your website will only hold value if you have a good number of daily visitors. If you don’t have any visitors, then you won’t be able to achieve things that you would love to achieve. If you want to keep things better for yourself, and you want to promote the content you are sharing then, you will find the perfect SEO services for your website. You will have to start with content marketing, and you will have to share the best content on your website. If you don’t have any visitors to your website, then there is no point of creating a website in the first place.

Always focus on gathering plenty of visitors to your website and you can only do so if you are hiring the perfect SEO services that will promote your website and will help you gather more traffic on daily basis.

Find the top notch SEO services

If you are finding it hard to promote your website or blog and you have no idea how you can find the perfect SEO services, then you should know that there are lots of things that you can do to find the best SEO services. You will have to start your research, and you should focus on finding the services that have great experience in SEO. You should never choose the SEO services with little to no experience. If you are selecting inexperienced SEO services, then you will end up wasting your money.

If you want to run an online business, then you should always find the top SEO specialists that will provide you the perfect answers to all of your problems. Every online business should focus on promoting its business, and the best way to do so is by finding the best quality SEO specialists.

Spend money on SEO

If you have just started your website and online business, then you should know that spending money on designs and other things won’t provide you the benefits that you are looking for. If you are looking for long-term benefits, then you should always choose the best SEO services to promote your business. The SEO services will provide you the visitors, and then you will have to provide the value to your visitors so they can stay on your website and find all the things that they need. If you are spending a lot of money on the designs and other things initially then you should know that you will end up wasting your money.

Always spend money wisely and choose the services that will help you promote your business and provide you the best digital marketing services for your business.

Why startups fail?

If you are also a startup, and you are not focusing on the marketing, then you will always end up wasting your money and losing control over your online business. If you want to spend money on your new online business or store, then you should always start investing in SEO. Once you have visitors, and you have started to make money, you will be able to change the design of your website, and then you can easily invest in all other things that will help you in the best way possible.

These are the things that you will have to keep in mind when you are starting a new online business. Always find the best professionals so you can make things better for your new business.

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Game server Hosting

Game Server Hosting – What Made Gaming Servers Grow and What Makes Them Significant

Have you ever wondered what is behind the game servers you play on and how they actually work? For this you need to know how game server hosting came about and what it took to get the online gaming portal running.

History of Game Server Hosting

Dedicated game server hosting is where it all started for online gaming as back when the first online gamers started out the only way to play a game was over the Web by hosting their games on their own systems.

All a gamer had to do was to purchase their game and then create a server which could be hosted and played using their home computer, and this was often done simultaneously on the home PCs running under a dedicated server program which is very much similar to the day dedicated server option.

Due to low specs and speed of home computers back in these times the gamer system would often be put under enormous stress and would just offer gamers’ a low dismal server performance along with game play.

Even when the Internet providers offered a robust connect such as faster broadband and more bandwidth to aid them keep up with the server load, the data that required to be computed was still too much for most of the systems to handle themselves. Back in the early times of online gaming home computers just did not have the power to process such robust and detailed data required for high end online gaming and dedicated web hosting side-by-side.

Factors like network data sorting, game physics, distribution and 3D graphics that was required to be sent to each player connecting to the game server just could not be done in the high standards required for an amazing online gaming experience.

Dedicated Gaming Servers – Why They Have Been A Better Option To Consider

dedicated server control panelThe dedicated server is what used on the serves; this application was particularly designed for hosting purposes for gamers. This works by collecting and distributing data from each player that is connected to the server, this would then be sent on to all the players on the game serve showing all players with the same images.

The stand along dedicated server is a complete machine which is used just to host a game server and is not played on by anyone. An exclusive dedicated server is much more effective and an efficient solution than using a peer-to-peer arrangement like home dedicated server which you would host to play a game on your own PC.

Unlike other gamers, a server host will know every single aspect of the game server inners like how it works and run including both the servers’ software within and its operating system and the hardware which is powering the machine.

Growth of Game Server Hosting – The Trend Is Still On The Rise

darwin servers intro videoSince the growth of online gaming, gamers started looking for better and robust solutions to their server dilemmas, and this was primarily due to the LAN events, gaming teams and leagues that started to form, these online gamers consisted of players globally.

More reliable and faster and robust hosting solutions such as game server Europe were looked for to give the players more power and a smoother game play online. The game hosting servers provide the players actual performance with low ping in tens of milliseconds rather than the hundreds or even thousands that personal computers offered. This was a big need considering the size of the online gaming servers could be run at. Now, the number of online players that can join one gaming server has gone more than 40, 50 or even more, and the number is still growing and will most likely continue to for years to come.

Dedicated Game Hosting Server Solutions

Using professional game hosting server was the obvious solution. Such servers are specifically designed for reading the data and then transmitting huge amounts of it faster for the players to enjoy uninterrupted gaming experience as they play. Game hosting server companies have purchases rack servers that have been co-located in data centers globally to host online games one. The prices of this kind of luxury used to be quite high to start off 300 to 800 USD a month, often times even more depending on the server specifications. Prices dropped dramatically due to the huge success in the multiplayer online gaming, which increased to 1000 folds within the last few years.

All infos about our Game Servers

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Streaming servers, the future of Live Broadcasting contents worldwide

Live Video Streaming – Amazing Benefits You Have Not Even Thought About

With the advent of the Web epoch, people have availed literally infinite possibilities. This concerns everything we do, be it job advancement, education, entertaining, shopping, relationships and even communication. Whatever you intend to do, the World Wide Web is at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

One of the modern online techniques that have truly revolutionized the world we live in is the live video and audio streaming. This amazing option has made it possible to easily broadcast any activities through the smart phones, web cameras and other device in order to reach the people you need either for personal or business purposes.

darwin servers intro videoLive video and audio streaming has become very popular these days. And it is no wonder, as it helps people communicate and reach with one another irrespective of the country they live. Moreover, this incredible online technique perhaps be extremely beneficial when it comes to business promotions, making announcements, presenting online tutorials, broadcasting live events as they are happening, studying animal behaviors living in different corners of the world, communicating with co-workers and business partners with ease. Listed below are some of the prime benefits live video streaming offers everyone nowadays:

An Opportunity To Reach More People

Whether you intend to broadcast your business news and presentations or wish to make your special live event accessible to others, you will not go without Live Video Streaming. This amazing technology will make it possible for you to reach as many people as you want, who cannot be around you at the moment. This is a convenient approach not just for you but for them as well. It is not always possible to attend certain events due to family issues or job problems. With live streaming, you can be a part of the event even if you are not physically present. But that is just not it! This incredible technique allows you to invite as many people as you want to join the event, which is oftentimes impossible when you invite them to your house.

The Choice Of Content

If you think that live streaming is just about video and audio broadcasts only, you are mistaken. The technique also makes it possible to select as well as demonstrate any files to your target audience, be it images, PowerPoint presentations, articles, etc. You can also chat with your guests by exchanging messages and documents online.

Mobile Accessibility

Using smartphones to browse through the Web has made things very convenient and makes information accessible even when you are on the go. For this purpose, live streaming has been made accessible on the Smartphones. This helps reach your target audience a lot more effectively to obtain expected results.

Convenience and Simplicity

Live video/audio streaming is not only functional but also convenient to be used on a daily basis. It is very simple. If you think you will require costly tools and equipments to start your own channel, you will be surprised to know that you do not require any such thing. All you need is a HD web camera with integrated microphone, web access and an encoder. It is imperative that you choose the most reliable and robust live streaming platform, which provides high quality images and videos. You do not be a tech pro to get started. Just follow simple instructions provided by the streaming service to be able to set up the program accurately.

Live streaming is used for different purposes. The power of streaming that is that users can watch live events or watch movies even on their mobile devices. Get the best streaming servers to enjoy watching movies or listening to favorite music anytime and wherever you like.

More Info about our Streaming Servers

Some interesting website for streaming, in movies:

Live TV:

RAI – Italian Television

MediaSet – Italian Television

Internet servers ping speed

Testing The Broadband Speed – Find Out If Your Connection Is As Fast As It Should Be

If you are not sure that the Internet speed that your connection is attaining is the same as what your Internet server provider states that you should be getting, and then a ping speed test may be required. The test or speed is carried out by sending as well as receiving packets of data to and from the Web servers around the world. In order to carry out a ping speed test, you must either use program that is specifically designed for this purpose or access one of the several Internet websites that help test your connection for you through publically Web connected servers’ worldwide. Below are some important guidelines that describe to accurately test your data transfer speed:

  • Access The Test Application – You can opt either for a pre-loaded program on your system or one of the several popular Internet Websites that can help you test your connection speed.
  • There are some portals and programs in which you can also specify which country you would like the test to be carried out with, though some applications just have one default server with which they carry out the test.
  • The first stage of this test will be the latency test. Ping speed or latency, is the time, which is counted in milliseconds, it takes for the data packets to get from one sender to the receiver. Ping speeds can vary quite drastically depending on the Internet connection infrastructure of the specific region in question. Good latency speeds are usually around 20 to 45ms in the developing countries, whereas other countries that have yet to develop a good data transfer infrastructure, the latency could easily be over half a second.
  • The download speed test will be carried right after the latency test. For the download test, the server you are connecting to will transmit data packets to your system, therefore determining your download speed.
  • The next test is going to be an upload test. Data packets will be then sent from your system, up to the server. The speed at which they are received will ascertain your data uploading capacity.
  • The maximum speed for downloads and uploads will be taken from the highest speed at which the data has been transferred to and from your system.

webdesign connect with usAlways remember the fact that with broadband speed tests, your highest speeds will most likely be attainable without native country. If you are an online gaming fanatic, then you certainly would like to have robust gaming experience. Anything that comes under 100 Ping speed test is suitable. However, the lower it is, the better game play you will enjoy. The further away the server for which the speed test will be taking place, usually, the slower the connection.

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