Game server

All You Ever Wanted to Know About Game Servers. A game server is a computer online that hosts multiplayer games, 24h a day, 356 days/year, always on. But, not all game servers are created equal. Some game server providers talk a good game, but instead offer poor speeds, spotty service, and have frequent unexplained downtimes. […]

Minecraft videogame online and servers

What Makes Minecraft so Popular? Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the past several years, you have at least heard of Minecraft. The game is taking over popular culture and is influencing the way game makers think about their creations. Minecraft doesn’t have cutting edge graphics. Instead, part of its charm is the […]

What is a Cloud Server ?

What is a Cloud Server ? Cloud servers are also sometimes called virtual dedicated servers. Unlike traditional servers where everything is placed on a single server, and therefore have a single point of failure, cloud servers are run on software independent units. They are a network of interconnected resources. WE ARE Take a look to […]

Kendra 01 – WorkStation – Extreme Gaming Computer

After 20 years in building Servers, Game Servers, SuperServers, and Data Centers [] we are now happy to announce our new WorkStations for Professionals or Extreme Video Gamers. Kendra 01 is suitable for any Heavy Applications like 3D modeling, Rendering, Audio and Video Post productions and also for Extreme Video Gamers.


DARWIN.IT Creative Agency | Server farms | Music distributions Since 1995, we are the third company in Italy, based in Perugia, to open working 100% exclusively on the Internet, while all they never imagined even what it was, many thought a species of new videogame. We started with the Web Design, the only editor to […]

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Responsive Layout Our web design switch automatically for desktop computers, smartphones, tablets, and all mobile devices (actually about the 40% of the visitors are from mobile devices), for a full browsing experience to the visitors from all over the world, independently to the screen size too. Creative Web Design We can design any kind of [...]

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