Who is a Web Designer ?

What is the difference between a web designer and a web developer ?

Web designer and web developer are positions that are often used interchangeably, but which are significantly different from each other, both in terms of skills, scope of work, and execution.

A website designer,

is someone with the technical knowhow of how to create a graphic representation of a website, taking in to consideration the target user base, to ensure that the website performs better than its competitors in the same industry.

A website developer

web developer


on the other hand possesses the technical skills (CSS, PHP, C+, HTML, etc.) with which to make the designs of the website designer a reality.

In details, a website designer does the following:

An expert in website designing software

A good website designer is one who is abreast with the latest technological trends, with respect to best, most popular, and most efficient website designing software in the market. Given that a huge number of website designers work as freelancers, an understanding of popular software such as Photoshop, Dreamweaver, etc, is necessary, so as to be able to work on shared design projects, as well as deliver files in a format that can be easily modified by others.

Design appealing websites

Web designers are professionals in understanding cooperate identities, and being able to communicate corporate values and services through the right color and pattern mix. They know that the colors that will work for a teenage website, won’t necessarily work for the banking sector, and combine all of these data and internet users statistics to design the most appropriate type of website, that will be seen as beautiful by those visiting the website. A website designer is therefore a master of colors.

User friendly designs

User friendliness refers to the ease with which an average person can accomplish a given task within a particular website. It is the job of the website designer to graphically come up with a site that is not only beautiful, but which can also be easily navigated. Users often get bored after the first few seconds on a website that looks like a labyrinth, with little or no coherency in transition. The lesser time visitors spend on a website, the lower the ranking of the site on SERPs, leading to a loss in conversion. This is exactly what a website designer seeks to combat.

Landing Page Strategy

The landing page is the perhaps the single most important page of every website. It should give every visitor an idea of what the entire website is all about. Website designers have the technical and communication skills with which to understand a business’ key offerings and strengths, incorporating them in to a landing page strategy that will make visitors inquisitive to know about the website, thereby leading to an increase in website dwell time, which is good for both ranking and conversions.

Excellent communication skills

Given that a website developers job is based on the designs of a website designer, it is critical to the accomplishment of a website, that the website designer be able to communicate the graphics on his mockup in a such a way that the website developer can understand. Miscommunication may lead to more lines of codes, which may go increase a website’s load time. To be able to develop a website efficiently, and deliver on time, it is important that the website designer be able to communicate his vision effectively.

Here some of our latest works online:

Since 1995 we design about 2.000 websites, every website is taylor made, 100% made in italy design fron native italian artists and Web Designers

Barlozzini.com > Made in Italy luxury furniture

Casa di Cura Liotti.it > Private Hospital

InternetOfMusic.com > Online music magazine

Laboratorio Lari > blood analysis laboratory

and many others…



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Since 1995,

we are the third company in Italy, based in Perugia, to open working 100% exclusively on the Internet, while all they never imagined even what it was, many thought a species of new videogame.

We started with the Web Design, the only editor to provide video layout was the Txt Notepad…; we arrived to desing videogames on commission. And we continue still today: go to WebSiteDesign.it

not finding any provider quite fast and customizable to accommodate websites that we designed on the web, we have opened, three years after ( 1998 ), a division that builds server tailored for large and small companies, for all tastes, for any capacity of computing calculation, reaching up to the server farm.

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WordPress web design and servers

WordPress for Your full custom Web Design

The first thing you should know about WordPress is that if you aren’t currently using this platform for your website you are way behind the curve. WordPress is free, open source software for creating websites and blogs. It is also the most frequently used platform for websites and blogs. WordPress not only has untold numbers of users, but it has tens of thousands of developers creating paid and free plugins that allow WordPress to do anything.

SEO and WordPress

Search engines love WordPress sites. Because the code is open source, search engines can quickly and easily index the sites. WordPress also makes it easy to change the metadata of the site. This means the site can give the search engine extra information to help match search queries. This gives WordPress sites a significant advantage over sites on many other platforms where users are locked out of the much of the code.

There is also a lot of third-party software, called plugins, which work to boost a WordPress site’s SEO. Many are free or extremely cheap. WordPress helps you attract more visitors and improves your search engine ranking through its smart design and variety of supported content and plugins.

web design under the snowLook and Feel of WordPress

While there are thousands of free WordPress themes or templates, WordPress is a web designer’s dream because it is easy to create beautiful and powerful sites for. Your site can look however you want it to. Professional designers constantly release amazing paid themes, and good designers create custom themes for specific client projects, making sure each site is unique.

WordPress sites are easy for users to navigate and WordPress based sites can be made completely responsive. They look great on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smart phones.

Functionality of WordPress

No matter what type of site you want there is a WordPress solution. There are plugins for ecommerce websites for sites selling physical and digital products, sites that sell services, sites that display portfolios, sites that embed videos and podcasts, and anything else you can imagine.

There are plugins to help manage email marketing and to mange forums. The platform is so big that any major web design development will be available on WordPress. If you somehow need something that doesn’t exist, there are thousands of skilled programmers ready to create your perfect WordPress plugin.

webdesign darwinThe Darwin Difference

Darwin knows all the ins and outs of WordPress, and its team of world-class web designers knows how to make a website look great, work well, and attract attention. Unlike some creative agencies, Darwin offers 100% customization of any WordPress software and graphical theme. Not only that, but you can also have your site hosted on Darwin’s own world-class server farm for lightning fast load times. No other company can offer the incredible combination of both award winning web design and market leading hosting at affordable prices.

If you’ve been waiting for the perfect solution before starting your web based business or upgrading your current site, you are not officially out of excuses.

Contact Darwin today and see how they can create the perfect site for you.

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