What is WordPress Hosting ?

What is WordPress Hosting ? As explained in our previous article, web hosting is the act of renting an online space in which to store your website files, so that they can be accessed from all over the world upon typing in a specific domain name in to a browser. In the early days of […]

Who is a Webmaster ?

At DARWIN.IT, we define a webmaster as a person or company, that is passion driven, with a vast experience in managing websites from the conception stage, through the design, realization, and post-realization stages, with the aim of meeting client satisfaction through the establishment of a stable and competitive online presence. Summarily, webmasters have the technical […]

The Amazing Benefits Of Dedicated Servers

The Amazing Benefits Of Dedicated Servers And How It Helps Boost Your Business Performance Online Websites require a robust hosting server to make it go live over the World Wide Web. A hosting service utilizes a server to achieve this objective. But there are different types of servers that vary from the clustered to the […]

Mail server

Everything You Need to Know About Mail Servers Mail servers, also sometimes known as email servers, are the computers on the Internet that send and receive email. Without a mail server email would only work within a single domain. A mail server is like a mailman. It takes messages and sends them onto the next […]

Five Minute TTL DNS server Registration

Darwin’s Five-Minute DNS Registration If you you’ve spent any amount of time building and creating websites you are used to having to wait for 24 hours for your new site to go live. But, with everything happening digitally, why does it take so long for your site become active? Shouldn’t the Internet be faster by […]

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