The Amazing Benefits Of Dedicated Servers

The Amazing Benefits Of Dedicated Servers And How It Helps Boost Your Business Performance Online

Websites require a robust hosting server to make it go live over the World Wide Web. A hosting service utilizes a server to achieve this objective. But there are different types of servers that vary from the clustered to the dedicated and shared, so how would you know which one of them is the best for you. A dedicated server is what mostly web masters prefer to use it perhaps be slightly expensive when compared to shared hosting but there are several different benefits to using it.

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What is a Cloud Server ?

What is a Cloud Server ?

Cloud servers are also sometimes called virtual dedicated servers. Unlike traditional servers where everything is placed on a single server, and therefore have a single point of failure, cloud servers are run on software independent units. They are a network of interconnected resources.


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What is a Software Independent Unit?

Cloud servers have all the software they need to function and do not need access to a central software library. Cloud servers have the same information spread over several different locations, so if one part of the cloud server fails for any reason, the rest will continue to function independently of the failure.


fastest servers in ping and connection in europeBecause cloud servers operate as multiple independent units it is easier to scale up or down when there is a spike or drop in resource demand. If data is stored on the cloud and suddenly thousands and thousands of people all needed access to it at one time, a cloud server will be able to allocate additional resources so that everyone will have access to the data.

When the demand decreases the extra resources can be used elsewhere. The cloud server management software handles all of this scalability automatically.

Advantages Over Traditional Hosting Options

With traditional servers you have two options. You own your own server or servers or you rent server space. Either way you are limited by the physical limits of the server. If you rent, you share the same physical server with many other users. If demand is to great on a traditional server it will crash and everyone trying to access the server will be affected.

If you want to scale up, you will need more physical servers.

Cloud servers have several advantages over traditional servers. Cloud servers are easier and cheaper to scale up. A large spike in traffic will not crash a cloud server in the same way as a traditional server. The cloud server will continue to server users on a first come first serve basis, even of there are not sufficient resources for every user.

Cloud servers are also free from the limitations and risks associated with a single piece of hardware like a physical server. Even with multiple servers in the traditional model, there is still a single point of failure.

Cloud servers are more robust, reliable and much more economical than traditional servers.

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