Perugia: art, culture and web design

Perugia, City of Art, among the most beautiful and important in Italy.

Powerful Etruscan center and then important medieval town, Perugia lovingly preserves precious traces of its bright historical periods. Today it is the administrative capital of the Umbria region, remarcable cultural and tourist destination and prestigious headquarters of the University of Studies for over 700 years. The historic Academy of Fine Arts, the Music Conservatory and the University for Foreigners, with students from all over the world, define its strong international vocation.

Bright and culturally and socially vibrant, Perugia is a city full of “secrets” to reveal: the suggestion is to explore it with curiosity to fully enjoy the excitement and the charm of discovery.

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Server farm infrastructure

DARWIN Cloud – Infrastructures

DARWIN Cloud hosts its servers and devices in data centers which offer the latest and best equipment available on the market. Our localized IT team ensures the system continues to operate as expected allowing us to provide you with enterprise-level services with localized support based on your location.


In order to ensure maximum resilience, we partner with the best Hardware and Software providers in the world. DELL for our servers, EqualLogic and NetApp for our data storage, Cisco and Nexus for our network devices


Our data centers have been designed to ensure maximum reliability: redundancy of all the energy sources and cooling systems, top security levels of our facilities, redundancy of the network connections and a highly professional team of experts.

European network

Our European network offers a choice of two data centers in Italy, one in the Czech Republic, one in France, one in Germany and one in the UK, allowing you to find the perfect location for developing your IT projects.

High-performance connectivity

Our network also provides you with excellent connectivity, not only between our data centers but also with the global Internet. The data centers in Paris and London are part of the Equinix IBX network. Our data centers in southern Europe also provide you with the best connectivity available on the Italian market as well as a dedicated line towards Eastern Europe.

Take a look to our servers website:


The fastest PING / SPEED Test in Europe

The fastest PING / SPEED server Test in Europe.

Tested in a single server about 5.30 pm

1ms of Ping speed
960 Mbps of broadcast in download
576 Mbps of receiving in upload

Our today SpeedTest, from a single WebServer located in Italy.

Like a remote server: Considering download speed like upload speed and Upload speed like download speed…
Remember we got 6 server farms in Italy, France, Germany, UK and Czech Republic.

Contact Us, if you want more info about our server farm 😉

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