Server farm infrastructure

DARWIN Cloud – Infrastructures

DARWIN Cloud hosts its servers and devices in data centers which offer the latest and best equipment available on the market. Our localized IT team ensures the system continues to operate as expected allowing us to provide you with enterprise-level services with localized support based on your location.


In order to ensure maximum resilience, we partner with the best Hardware and Software providers in the world. DELL for our servers, EqualLogic and NetApp for our data storage, Cisco and Nexus for our network devices


Our data centers have been designed to ensure maximum reliability: redundancy of all the energy sources and cooling systems, top security levels of our facilities, redundancy of the network connections and a highly professional team of experts.

European network

Our European network offers a choice of two data centers in Italy, one in the Czech Republic, one in France, one in Germany and one in the UK, allowing you to find the perfect location for developing your IT projects.

High-performance connectivity

Our network also provides you with excellent connectivity, not only between our data centers but also with the global Internet. The data centers in Paris and London are part of the Equinix IBX network. Our data centers in southern Europe also provide you with the best connectivity available on the Italian market as well as a dedicated line towards Eastern Europe.

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Cloud servers – Open a server in 1 hour

We are pleased to introduce a new service.

Cloud server – Open a server in an hour!

From 1 to 16 Xeon CPU, 1 to 64GB of RAM, 30Gb from a 2 Terabyte Hard Disk, unlimited public IP, connected to multiple redundant connectivity in CDN 1 Gigabit per second for uploads and 1 Gigabit per second download.

Any Operating system 32-bit or 64-bit, Windows Server, Linux, Unix, Citrix, or upload the image of your server via a web interface.

The server hardware configuration can be changed at any time in real time;

For example, you can switch from 2Gb to 8Gb of Ram, or 1 to 4 CPU processors, or increase the size of the hard disk.

You can also choose where to physically place the server in Italy, France, Germany, England, Czech Republic

The Cloud Servers or Virtual Servers are much faster than traditional server “physical” because they do not have to manage the drivers and hardware, which are handled by a separate system.

To take an example, a virtual server cloud with only one CPU can be as fast as a traditional server with 3 or 4 CPUs.

The benefits are countless.

Get a free trial of 10 days, with no obligation.

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