The Amazing Benefits Of Dedicated Servers

The Amazing Benefits Of Dedicated Servers And How It Helps Boost Your Business Performance Online

Websites require a robust hosting server to make it go live over the World Wide Web. A hosting service utilizes a server to achieve this objective. But there are different types of servers that vary from the clustered to the dedicated and shared, so how would you know which one of them is the best for you. A dedicated server is what mostly web masters prefer to use it perhaps be slightly expensive when compared to shared hosting but there are several different benefits to using it.

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How easy is it to setup and use your Cloud Server ?

All too often cloud server providers promise high speeds and low costs, but they make it difficult to manage resources and to know what exactly you are paying for. Here at Darwin we do things differently.

Our easy to use control panel gives you a single place to setup and manage all of your cloud server needs while also giving you an easy way to see how much you’re spending. We believe the easier it is to do your job and the more transparent we are with costs the happier you will be and the more our business will grow. So far that has been a successful formula for us and our customers.

Once you log into the control panel with the account name and password provided to you by Darwin, you will be able to start creating your cloud center. Each step in the process is intuitive and allows you to easily click your options.

You can activate your cloud server structure on multiple data centers and easily manage each individual data center with the click of a button. We make it easy for you to design and customize your cloud server so that get all the power and speed you need, while only paying for the resources you actually use.

More infos about our Control Panel for your servers

You customize your machine by selecting:

Additionally with our easy to navigate control panel you can also easily mange your virtual machines by:

  • Switching the machine on and off
  • Archive or delete machines
  • Change assigned resources
  • Manage hard drives
  • Manage public IP addresses
  • Manage virtual switches

Once you have setup your cloud server all you have to do is click “Create Cloud Server”. In a few minutes you will be up and running. You are able to maintain your cloud server and manage your settings at any time by simply using the console through your browser.

With our industry leading, easy to use control panel you can also see the costs and estimate monthly fees. With Darwin you only ever pay for the resources you actually use.

If it isn’t this easy to use your existing cloud server or to manage your expenses, its time for a change. Come and check out Darwin’s world class cloud hosting service and see what all the fuss is about.

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What is a Cloud Server ?

What is a Cloud Server ?

Cloud servers are also sometimes called virtual dedicated servers. Unlike traditional servers where everything is placed on a single server, and therefore have a single point of failure, cloud servers are run on software independent units. They are a network of interconnected resources.


Take a look to our pre-configured servers solutions in our DARWIN SERVERS website between:


What is a Software Independent Unit?

Cloud servers have all the software they need to function and do not need access to a central software library. Cloud servers have the same information spread over several different locations, so if one part of the cloud server fails for any reason, the rest will continue to function independently of the failure.


fastest servers in ping and connection in europeBecause cloud servers operate as multiple independent units it is easier to scale up or down when there is a spike or drop in resource demand. If data is stored on the cloud and suddenly thousands and thousands of people all needed access to it at one time, a cloud server will be able to allocate additional resources so that everyone will have access to the data.

When the demand decreases the extra resources can be used elsewhere. The cloud server management software handles all of this scalability automatically.

Advantages Over Traditional Hosting Options

With traditional servers you have two options. You own your own server or servers or you rent server space. Either way you are limited by the physical limits of the server. If you rent, you share the same physical server with many other users. If demand is to great on a traditional server it will crash and everyone trying to access the server will be affected.

If you want to scale up, you will need more physical servers.

Cloud servers have several advantages over traditional servers. Cloud servers are easier and cheaper to scale up. A large spike in traffic will not crash a cloud server in the same way as a traditional server. The cloud server will continue to server users on a first come first serve basis, even of there are not sufficient resources for every user.

Cloud servers are also free from the limitations and risks associated with a single piece of hardware like a physical server. Even with multiple servers in the traditional model, there is still a single point of failure.

Cloud servers are more robust, reliable and much more economical than traditional servers.

If you are looking for a cloud server provider with the best prices and reliability in the industry try DARWIN Servers Our experts have designed the best cloud service in Europe.

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We love Web design

Numerous companies have sprung up in the past decade offering multitude of services online. The services range from web design to online marketing to SEO services and more. Here we will look at some of the major services provided by our creative agency.

  1. Web design:

Websites are being designed by the agencies according to the needs and demands of their customers. In web designing process, the content and designing of website is planned according to the modern needs. It is made attractive and appealing so that it attracts the prospective customer’s attention. The user interface is also designed in such a way that the website is easy to use.

  1. SEO services:

SEO means search engine optimizer. We work on this service, optimizing the content of the website in such ways that the website comes in the top result when searched on a search a engine.

  1. Logo designing:

In designing a logo we are specialized in several fields in order to give you the best results.

  1. Cloud servers:

The virtual dedicated servers, these work on the digital cloud environment.  Working on software independent machines, these servers are provided by DARWIN server on SERVERS.DARWIN.IT website. So you can order them online.

  1. Advertising services:

We provide the advertising services utilize many forms of internet marketing including: online marketing, mobile advertising, chat advertising, web banner advertising, email marketing, social media marketing, pop-ups, pop-unders, web marketing and content marketing.

Web Administration: A Critical Fiber in Business Operation

Structured for Success

Posting a business for productivity and success is a daunting task that involves a scroll of essential elements that make up the business structure; all of them tied to a list of decisions that are equally essential. Start-ups can be especially difficult. Budget often drives final decisions, sometimes deeming the best option out of reach and doing a bit of settling. With each choice comes the task of actuating the immediate future growth of the operation in an effort to determine if the business will outgrow the systems that are purchased and placed faster than it can afford to replace them. It can be treacherous water to tread on. Finding a trusted and knowledgeable systems development partner early on is an imperative task and a solid investment. Experienced advice on web design, any custom software application, or whether your company is best fit for dedicated servers or a Cloud server are just a couple of examples of where your development team has an opportunity to prove its value. Careful analysis of your company’s function and needs, both today and in the foreseeable future, will make solid decision making a little less intimidating. Web development is a critical fiber in business operations.

Security First

When it comes to data processing and storage, there is nothing more important than security. Criminals are well aware that at the heart of every big business lies a computer system containing critical information about operations, human resources, customer information which often includes billing and credit information, passwords, banking information; the list is long and dangerous if acquired by those with ill intent. The last two years, 2013-2104, revealed that even the largest retailers and banking institutions can be victimized by hackers; the end victims often being the customers of said institutions. Being absolutely certain that your web development team is well-versed in security measures is an unequivocal must.

Many people associate system security with passwords; the professional knows that it goes way beyond this. Depending on the type of server, time and location of updates can be crucial to the security of the entire system. Monitoring what services are necessary or not can keep open portals to a minimum, raising security and improving a server’s performance in most cases. Logging in to perform maintenance on servers is always recommended to be done locally, although sometimes this is simply impractical. If it is the case that a server administrator must perform maintenance remotely, there are other precautions that are put into place to monitor security, such as minimizing IP’s, and no self respecting administrator would dream of performing remote system maintenance from any public internet connection. Maintaining security updates and staying abreast of all security measures that are newly introduced is just one way that a web administration team can offer a business peace of mind.

Strength in Choices

Businesses are never islands unto themselves. Successful operations consist of teams of internal and external clients, as well as partnerships with other service providers that offer unparalleled expertise in their fields. A business that aspires and intends to be among the best of its kind must be stringent and selective about whom it chooses to partner with. These partnerships have the ability to elevate business by pooling knowledge, research and development, tried and true methods for creating something that works impeccably.

Depending on whether a business chooses to use dedicated servers or a Cloud server may increase or decrease the amount of external partnerships needed in order to maintain the integrity of their system. While dedicated requires hardware, often leased and maintained, Cloud is virtual and no one really knows where the information is held. The latter of those two options isn’t for every company. Some businesses value knowing exactly where it’s data is stored. This can sometimes come at a compromise to reliability, as there are times when a server may go down, impeding business operations. With Cloud service, interruptions in service are nearly unheard of because if one server goes down, there are others in the Cloud who simply pick up where the other failed. While safety and security are a priority for both, they are also both known to have breaches and information compromises. This is why consulting with a highly experienced web administration team is recommended. There are no guarantees that failures or security breaches won’t ever happen. What is most important to know is if it happens, what procedures are in place with the web administration team to swiftly identify and remedy issues as they may arise.

Meeting Objectives

Today’s business world is a collective of highly determined companies; fervently honing their skills and productivity goals for a stake in building powerful images and prominent position’s among equally voracious competitors. Gone are the days when it was enough for a merchant or service provider to simply hang its “open for business” sign on the front door. Today’s businesses recognize that security and growth are largely reliant on the constant adaptation to change as well as the perpetual endeavor of being the leader in its class. The internet has opened doors for the business world that were once beyond imagination, even a decade ago. If we can dream it today, some innovator will make it a reality tomorrow. Choosing web development specialists is a crucial step in maintaining an edge in today’s ferociously competitive business market. Serious business hinges on masterful web design, superior custom software application, impressive and reliable dedicated servers or a Cloud server — all tailored to the business’s unique productivity and security needs. Having the right team orchestrating the needs of web administration allows businesses to focus more on operations, marketing and customer relations.

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