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Live Video Streaming – Amazing Benefits You Have Not Even Thought About

With the advent of the Web epoch, people have availed literally infinite possibilities. This concerns everything we do, be it job advancement, education, entertaining, shopping, relationships and even communication. Whatever you intend to do, the World Wide Web is at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

One of the modern online techniques that have truly revolutionized the world we live in is the live video and audio streaming. This amazing option has made it possible to easily broadcast any activities through the smart phones, web cameras and other device in order to reach the people you need either for personal or business purposes.

darwin servers intro videoLive video and audio streaming has become very popular these days. And it is no wonder, as it helps people communicate and reach with one another irrespective of the country they live. Moreover, this incredible online technique perhaps be extremely beneficial when it comes to business promotions, making announcements, presenting online tutorials, broadcasting live events as they are happening, studying animal behaviors living in different corners of the world, communicating with co-workers and business partners with ease. Listed below are some of the prime benefits live video streaming offers everyone nowadays:

An Opportunity To Reach More People

Whether you intend to broadcast your business news and presentations or wish to make your special live event accessible to others, you will not go without Live Video Streaming. This amazing technology will make it possible for you to reach as many people as you want, who cannot be around you at the moment. This is a convenient approach not just for you but for them as well. It is not always possible to attend certain events due to family issues or job problems. With live streaming, you can be a part of the event even if you are not physically present. But that is just not it! This incredible technique allows you to invite as many people as you want to join the event, which is oftentimes impossible when you invite them to your house.

The Choice Of Content

If you think that live streaming is just about video and audio broadcasts only, you are mistaken. The technique also makes it possible to select as well as demonstrate any files to your target audience, be it images, PowerPoint presentations, articles, etc. You can also chat with your guests by exchanging messages and documents online.

Mobile Accessibility

Using smartphones to browse through the Web has made things very convenient and makes information accessible even when you are on the go. For this purpose, live streaming has been made accessible on the Smartphones. This helps reach your target audience a lot more effectively to obtain expected results.

Convenience and Simplicity

Live video/audio streaming is not only functional but also convenient to be used on a daily basis. It is very simple. If you think you will require costly tools and equipments to start your own channel, you will be surprised to know that you do not require any such thing. All you need is a HD web camera with integrated microphone, web access and an encoder. It is imperative that you choose the most reliable and robust live streaming platform, which provides high quality images and videos. You do not be a tech pro to get started. Just follow simple instructions provided by the streaming service to be able to set up the program accurately.

Live streaming is used for different purposes. The power of streaming that is that users can watch live events or watch movies even on their mobile devices. Get the best streaming servers to enjoy watching movies or listening to favorite music anytime and wherever you like.

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Testing The Broadband Speed – Find Out If Your Connection Is As Fast As It Should Be

If you are not sure that the Internet speed that your connection is attaining is the same as what your Internet server provider states that you should be getting, and then a ping speed test may be required. The test or speed is carried out by sending as well as receiving packets of data to and from the Web servers around the world. In order to carry out a ping speed test, you must either use program that is specifically designed for this purpose or access one of the several Internet websites that help test your connection for you through publically Web connected servers’ worldwide. Below are some important guidelines that describe to accurately test your data transfer speed:

  • Access The Test Application – You can opt either for a pre-loaded program on your system or one of the several popular Internet Websites that can help you test your connection speed.
  • There are some portals and programs in which you can also specify which country you would like the test to be carried out with, though some applications just have one default server with which they carry out the test.
  • The first stage of this test will be the latency test. Ping speed or latency, is the time, which is counted in milliseconds, it takes for the data packets to get from one sender to the receiver. Ping speeds can vary quite drastically depending on the Internet connection infrastructure of the specific region in question. Good latency speeds are usually around 20 to 45ms in the developing countries, whereas other countries that have yet to develop a good data transfer infrastructure, the latency could easily be over half a second.
  • The download speed test will be carried right after the latency test. For the download test, the server you are connecting to will transmit data packets to your system, therefore determining your download speed.
  • The next test is going to be an upload test. Data packets will be then sent from your system, up to the server. The speed at which they are received will ascertain your data uploading capacity.
  • The maximum speed for downloads and uploads will be taken from the highest speed at which the data has been transferred to and from your system.

webdesign connect with usAlways remember the fact that with broadband speed tests, your highest speeds will most likely be attainable without native country. If you are an online gaming fanatic, then you certainly would like to have robust gaming experience. Anything that comes under 100 Ping speed test is suitable. However, the lower it is, the better game play you will enjoy. The further away the server for which the speed test will be taking place, usually, the slower the connection.

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