The Amazing Benefits Of Dedicated Servers

The Amazing Benefits Of Dedicated Servers And How It Helps Boost Your Business Performance Online

Websites require a robust hosting server to make it go live over the World Wide Web. A hosting service utilizes a server to achieve this objective. But there are different types of servers that vary from the clustered to the dedicated and shared, so how would you know which one of them is the best for you. A dedicated server is what mostly web masters prefer to use it perhaps be slightly expensive when compared to shared hosting but there are several different benefits to using it.


Stability and reliability are the prime benefits of a dedicated server. For one thing, it enables the website owner to keep away from the common issues affecting the stability of the server. Such issues generally include server overloading, bad scripts and codes of others users and the uploading of numerous components and applications that can lead a website to crash.


By reliability, nevertheless, it means sites are always live 24/7, faster downloads and a website that perhaps have undergone issues including maintenance and upgrades can readily go live again in a relatively short span of time. Moreover, with this sort of server, the customer support can easily be provided as you have access round the clock. This feature provides web designers with an additional income which is not possible with other server types.

Getting More Customers

Several businesses online greatly values the reliability aspect because it plays a vital role in keeping their clients and also help attract more prospects. So, if a server is always dependable, there is a lot more chance for it to have repeat customers moving forward.

Exclusive Resources

One other benefit is that as many applications and programs are installed in a shared hosting server, this is not the case with dedicated server because you just install the ones you require and no extras are added as they can affect the server’s performance. What it means is you do not have to rely on the web host that translates to lower costs and more time saved.

Cater To Visitor’s Requirements Promptly

Although costly, dedicated servers are perfect for high traffic sites. As these websites generally receive a lot of visitors every minute of the day, webmasters and owners have to ensure they meet their requirements and this is where the excellent performance of a server proves to be worthy. With a dedicate cloud server exclusively available for your website, the system resources are not shared therefore the memory, processor power and disk space are very well maintained and not threatened by other issues.
Businesses who would like to create a number of domains can also possibly do so effectively with a dedicated server. This is particularly beneficial to all those who intend to put up several online retail portals as going for this option will be very cost effective on their part.

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Eightball Records, Handmade web design and web servers.

Hand made web design and web server for one of the biggest name in music industry, Eightball Records based in New York City.

Very famous for huge amount of dance music hits from the biggest artists and djs, like Junior Vasquez, Rober Aaron, Mood II Swing, Mauro Picotto, Angel Moraes, Tedd Patterson, Debbie Harry and a never ending list.

Eightball Official Website

The label was established in 1990 by Alex Kaplan then a videomaker & DJ Smash (Whine Hunter) with A&R head Kevin Williams, a veteran of the New York club scene.

The label is equally famous for its t-shirts and merchandising , its logo still being among the most popular in the UK.

Eightball also has The Empire State records , deep house subsidiary label and had its own record store in New York’s East Village.

Eightball Records was a vinyl store that started in the early 90’s. Soon it launched the label that quickly generated a lot of buzz around their releases from the likes of Joi Cardwell & Mood II Swing, pioneering the classic New York garage sound.

All about Eightball Records here

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